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The Hotel & Café Am Schloss Biebrich - Your Hotel in Wiesbaden at the Rhine River

Our small hotel in Wiesbaden-Biebrich is not just named “Am Schloss Biebrich”, it is also located closed to the Schloss Biebrich, one of the landmarks in Wiesbaden. Hotels in historic buildings, there are many in Wiesbaden, our hotel also has history: it was built in 1748 as the guest house of the “Schloss Biebrich”.

Today there are 45 hotel rooms in the building, a coffee house & our bistro. In the summer time, there is the wind protected and Mediterranean-style courtyard, is very popular with our guests.

The location right on the banks of the Rhine river, the uncomplicated atmosphere of a privately-run hotel and the personalized rooms make the special character of our hotel from. For business travelers, also for visitors of the city of Wiesbaden the Hotel & Café Am Schloss Biebrich is a popular starting point.

The city of Wiesbaden - one of Europe's oldest spa towns - and Mainz – the Gutenberg and media city - are within easy to reach. During a boat trip you can see all the scenic places at the Rheingau. For a short break you can enjoy a walk along the Rhine river promenade or in the park of Schloss Biebrich.

Friendly staff and good service
Relaxing walks on the banks of the Rhine
Rhine promenade with a spectacular
    panoramic view
Modern rooms with all comfort
Free Wi-Fi
Refreshing shower in the morning
Daily continental breakfast
1 free bottled water in your guest room
and ...
Event calendar
Fackel-Glühweinwanderung, Wiesbaden
Bugwellen- und Märchenweihnacht auf dem romantischen Rhein (Roessler Linie)
Lorcher Weihnachtsmarkt - Lorch am Rhein
09.12. und 10.12.2017
Eltviller Weihnachtsmarkt und Adventszauber
23.11. bis 22.12.2017
Frankfurter Weihnachtsmarkt
27.11. bis 23.12.2017
Weihnachtsmarkt der Nationen - Rüdesheim am Rhein
28.11. bis 23.12.2017
Sternschnuppenmarkt - Wiesbaden
05.11. bis 23.12.2017
Winter- und Weihnachtsfahrten mit der Bingen-Rüdesheimer
30.11. bis 23.12.2017
Mainzer Weihnachtsmarkt
15.11. bis 14.01.
ESWE-Eiszeit, Wiesbaden